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last weekend last weekend I wanted to share this with you eagerly last weekend my wife Anitha planned for a session suddenly and didn’t even disclose it to me that she had invited her ex boss from Mumbai! Her ex-boss is Mr. Raman pulikel and he is about 43 yrs old a mixture of Mallu and Delhiite, he was into advertising but later started his own business in Mumbai. Anitha had worked in his team and liked his macho mustache And his deep penetrating voice with a 6 foot tall figure and a bear like hairy body. Raman had divorced and had not planned to marry post that but had a liking for voluptous women with bigger base and even got them to bed with his charms, My wife Anitha was also under his radar and he had often taken her out for dinner and even gifted her expensive watches and bags read more...
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my friends wife is mine my friends wife is mine
Hi Friends, this is Rahul from Kerala. I’m a Engineering graduate now working in an IT firm. I am not that kind of person who can narrate anything well. But I decided to share my experience here. I am an average person. I had a friend Nishad. Though we were of different age group, there was a good friendship among us. He is 4 years older than me. He had an affair with one of his relative. She was studying in my school in 12th while I was in my 10th standard. They had used to seek my help for communicating as their parents didn’t like their relation. But they had used to meet at any of our friends place when there was no one else there and I had used to stay out side as a guard. Later he went abroad and her family shifted from there. After 3 years I was staying in my read more...
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my pleasure moments with suman my pleasure moments with suman Hi, this is Gautam from Delhi. I like the most the stories of ISS and reading them from long time. I am 28 years now and this story is 3 years back with one of my exclusive friend. However, she is not with me now and married to someone. Her name is Suman (name changed). We are of same age and worked in different firms in Delhi. During my official tour to Mumbai, we met each other and the story begun. Let me describe her about her physique.She is quite fair with some extra pounds on weight. Her skin is so soft that one who touches, only he can describe the feel of getting current in his body. She has big perfectly round boobs with brown elevated points on top. Her eyes always reflect what she demands from me. So, let’s begin the story now as I said earlier that read more...
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my sexy bhabhiji my sexy bhabhiji
Hi everybody, I am Surya Rane (35) from Mumbai regular reader of ISS. Mail me if you like this story on: Instead of wasting time let’s start story. Let me introduce myself. I’m average in body, looks not too smart but ok, my neighbor aunty is very good looking superb body, fair in color age near about 39. She always visits our house. She likes to speak with male maximum. She knows that I am excellent body massager. Whenever she come our house then while speaking always in between she touches her private parts on saree she tissues us. She always tries to show her cleavages. Always her blouse top one button is open. while speaking she always keeps her palloo aside so that we can observe her one day read more...
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in spite of love marriage in spite of love marriage
Hi ISS Readers I am a regular reader of the site and very fond of reading to wife sex story. I don’t think so that the entire story posted is true but I consider few of the stories are real like mine. Friends, I’m an intelligence officer in Indian army and posted in New Delhi. I had an affair with a girl since 2005 and married with her in the month of April 2011. She used to teach in school before marriage and wanted to continue it. She is a very beautiful and sexy girl and loves me a lot. I wanted to break our relation in 2008 but I couldn't, although I did not talk to her for 15 days read more...
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fun with a distant cousin fun with a distant cousin
Hi friends! My name is Anupreet and I am from Mohali, Punjab. I am now 36 years old, married with 1 kid who is around 10 years old. Most of my stories which I am sharing here are of the time when we stayed in Mohali and I was attending Panjab University for MA in English, I was an average looking fair Punjabi girl around 5 feet 4 inches tall. I was around 48-50 kgs in weight throughout my college and university years and was considered round at the right places. My sexual life took a wild turn after some amazingly fun filled moments. First Joseph and then Manjeet gave me sexual pleasures which satisfied as well as increased my inclination to have fun as long as it lasts. However I remained discreet in my pursuits of sexual pleasures as any error could have landed me in read more...
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fucking my fantasy girl fucking my fantasy girl
Hi friends I am Raj! (Name changed) I live in Karnataka. Now in final year of  B tech had to use a fake name cause this story is about my first sexual encounter with my friend’s hot sister! Since my friend does log in to this site, I have used the fake name as I don want him to have even the slightest clue about it.  Well I am a great fan of this site. is has such a juicy stories which just gives me a hard on when I read them few stories r fake n few r just fantasies but the real ones are too good. Well let me not waste any further time. This is my true life story n my 1st experience which I probably won’t forget ever. I have a friend Aditya (Name Changed) whom I know since a pretty long time we used to go to the same tuition during schooling. he had a cousin read more...
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fucking the brains out of preeti fucking the brains out of preeti
Hi, my name is Aby and I’m from cochin, I travel a lot coz of my work and this is an encounter during one of them, I had to go to Kolkotta and had taken a flight from cochin to Bangalore and Bangalore to Kolkata, I was to be in Kolkata for 3 days and knew I wouldn’t have any 'fun' coz of my tight schedule. but luck had it otherwise, coming back to the story, I boarded the flight from Bangalore, made myself comfortable on my seat and was looking around as usual to see if there were any interesting women, unfortunately I couldn’t find/stretch my neck too far to make it obvious, hmm it’s going to be a boring flight I thought to myself, after a couple of soft drinks I wanted to pee badly and on my way to the toilet I saw this beautiful looking lady sitting 4 rows read more...
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