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mein aur beenish mein aur beenish
My name is Ali.. I m from Rawalpindi Pakistan.21 years old with a 5.9 height. That was mid October and i was in Rawalpindi for my inter university cricket matches. We lost our 3rd match from Punjab university so we came back to our city. When i reached home i find beenish there; sitting next to my mother and have chitchat with her. As she saw me she was blushed and came quickly to me and we have a handshake and i could feel the warmth and excitement in her handshake and in her eyes also. In next few minutes i came to know that beenish came here two days back for shopping with her father but lubna had monthly tests in her college and so she could not come. Her father dropped her and went back and will come after two days. So i missed the two days and have just two days read more...
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metrosexual apartment metrosexual apartment
He kept staring my way while I or we waited for our job interviews. The interview seemed to last only 10 minutes which didn’t thrill me too much. Even he looked like he was nervous as he fidgeted the same way I was fidgeting. But he would watch me and he would smile at me too. The reason I didn’t like it was it was a job interview. I was trying to focus. I was trying to be serious about the possible job and when I looked at him he did too, but when he looked at me he would smile nonchalantly... too nonchalantly for my tastes. Already nervous I didn’t need the guy looking at me so casually. He wasn’t helping my train of thought. Plus he was white, which shouldn’t be an issue, but seeing as I’m a black female who is well how should I put this? read more...
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multiple orgasm multiple orgasm
Hi i want to share all of you my experience, this is true story about my sex-life experience, this story is between me and the lady who is living in our area, let me introduce my self and that lady first. I am 23 years old, tall, dashing, with wonderful innocent dick(lund), and that lady name is Rani (this is not real name of that lady, its secret thats why i used this name ), Rani has Wonderful figure 36-24-36, she has 2 childs and her husband is a director in some company thats why he used to go out of town many times, so in home rani and her only 2 children live.Rani aur mein hum loog ek he area mein rehatey hai karachi mein, jis tara aap looogo ko pata hai kay karachi mein aaj kal internet cable kay through buhat ziyada chal raha hai, tu mein bhi esay he ek cable ka user ho aur read more...
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my desires and that girl my desires and that girl
I saw couple iss stories, i dont know why but i find many mistakes in stories that tell me that the story is a lie. So i thought why not to tell people perfect honest complete stories. I will be writing lots of stories and i would appreciate any comments people give me. And also not only i would tell you a story i would challenge my readers to find a place and tell me if they find any lies. I would not use any one else story and change. All i say is real and my own experience. This happen about 3 years ago. I was living with my friend in little rock Arkansas. We shared a room and the rule was who ever comes with a girl gets the room. Anyways my car had some problem, so i went to a mechanic. I was really bored by sitting and doing nothing. In the mean time i saw a beautiful black read more...
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lahore ke kunware larkee lahore ke kunware larkee
Gee friends I am Amir again from Lahore. Mere pehle story aap nay perhee our us ka mujay bohat accha response diya. Jin girls nay mere pehle story nehe perhe wo is site pur hay. Http:// Mera email address hay Mujay sub say zayada response lahore ke girls nay diya. Un main say eik lakree jis ka name ( changed ) shazia nay dosti ke request ke. Us ke age 21, 22 thee. Kher us nay mere story ko bohat pasnd kia our wo be abe tuk kunware the. Us kay sath as usual main may pehlay oral sex kia in chatiing, jub wo oral sex say satisfy ho gaye phir us nay keha kay main real sex kurna chateen hoon.Main nay poocha koie safe place hay us nay keha kay us ghar main to koie chance nehe hay lakin us ke friend (nida ) kay ghar read more...
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jawan larki ka maza jawan larki ka maza
Hi friends i am Khan from Pakistan i m writing this story when i was in collage i was 19 years old let me start when i was in collage the miss call come to my mobile when i call back to that number that was desi gril she reject my call two times but after that she miss call me again when i call her she asked me come to my place i want to see you when i go there i gave her my photo she really love those photo when i come back to home she call me to come again in the night around 11 o clock i was afraid than i thought that this is time to fuck her. When i went to her house she was alone in the house i was just shaking and i was not able to talk she brought me the cold water and change her cloths i was just shaking when i ask for the water that give me the glass she drink the water and read more...
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bhai ko peray shan keya our chodi ka meza leya bhai ko peray shan keya our chodi ka meza leya
Hi Mera nam sana hy (not real name) aur mein lahore(pakistan) ky rehny wali hn mera figure aik dum mast hy buhat se larky mjy chodna chahty hain un mein mera bara bhae khuram b shamil hy mery famely members mein mein 20yrs mera bhae 24yrrs my father was ded n my mother 45 yrs. Ak school main principel hain aur mera bhai pujab university mein M C S ka student hy jb k mein FA ky student hn mera rung gora height 5 ft 10 inch aur 36 k breasts hy ye meri pehli chudae ky kahani hy jo maray apny bhai k sath hy . Mera bhai mujay her waqet gorta reta the our kisi nakisi behany mujay tuch kery ki kosish main reta tha. Is ki b ak khas waja thi kune k main kuch modran type ki lerki thi.gher main shelwar kameez hi pehanti thi mager us ka gela kuch bera hota tha mujay mom ne kabi b nahi roka read more...
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first party 8 first party 8
The evening was not going well and Cheryl knew it. Only fifteen, she had almost passed out when a college junior had asked her here. Telling her mother and father that she was going to a girlfriends house for the night, she met her date, Billy, at a convenience store near her home. Just getting in the car made her feel much older than her years. Now, several hours later, sitting on a couch in a crowded fraternity house, she was feeling like fifteen again. A bunch of guys had made a big fuss over her when she first arrived but quickly turned their attentions to girls who were much older than she. While she had danced a couple dances, even her own date seemed to have abandoned her. She hadn't seen him in over 45 read more...
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