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sri lankan real life with a lady sri lankan real life with a lady
I am Kumaran from Sri Lanka going to share my fantastic experience with a sexy girl and women with good inviting figures like 38-24-36 having strong urge for sex. I have a special fascination for well shaped, well developed, opulent, protruding, pointed, fleshy, spongy, firm and bouncing breasts of girls and women. And I should again mention here that I get hot and excited to see a young girl or woman with big, heavy, curvaceous, hunching and swinging hips. The real story of fucking the young woman in question now goes like this. Once I was a tenant! In Begum Pet in Secunderabad for about seven months as I was doing a project there. I was living alone there. It was the house of a business man Mr. Prakas He had only one son Mohan, in his late 30s, who was married. Mr. Prakas had a read more...
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we fucked out near the beach area we fucked out near the beach area
My mom married her father when i was 19 and out of the house already. I knew her when i was in school and she was on the cheerleading squad. When our parents got married we kidded around some about getting together and going out. It never paned out for her father was a real bastard and made sure we always had someone around if i took her someplace. He knew my reputation of fucking anything that moved or not. One weekend we decided to get around her father and get out, she told her father she was going out with some friends and i wasn't living at home anymore so we met at her friend's place. When i picked up sandy her friend alice was with her. They both told each other’s parents they were going to sleep over each others. They were both 18 and they wanted to get drunk read more...
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virgin ass virgin ass
hi frds send me ur reply As she sat naked in front of her computer on her butt plug, she began typing her next story. The plug had been stretching her hole for over an hour, only three more to go. Sitting on it made her so horny, her clit was throbbing for attention. She wanted so badly to run to her bedroom, masturbate and use her vibrator to get some relief. But, she dare not disappoint him once again. She had displeased him too many times and each time made her feel worse than the previous. This time, she would follow his instructions, write her story, and wait for his call to remove the plug. He asked her to document their last meeting and submit the story to him. It was difficult enough for read more...
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workout with lara workout with lara
Workout with Lara by Noj © e. Because he wasn’t ready for the hit he staggered backwards onto the ropes. “Oh my god, are you all right?!” Angelina squealed as she ran forwards to him. He dabbed his nose with the back of his hand behind the pad to see if he was bleeding, which he wasn’t. Angelina looked up at him and touched his face as she checked he was ok. “Yeah I’m OK, don’t worry” he said a little nasally, looking down at her. They looked into each others eyes, and Angelina couldn’t resist the urge. She stood up on her toes and kissed him with her beestung lips. Her breasts pushed against him, hard nipples pushing into his chest. Greg flicked the pads off with a shake of each hand and kissed her back, his arms read more...
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sex me sex me
Hi to all iss readers I am zain from Karachi Pakistan well yeah mere 5th story ha agar app ko ache lage to pls mujhe ph 03452514004 par zaror mail ke jeia ga to ab story par ate hain yeah bat aj se 2 sall pahele ke ha mere birthday ke din ghar main kafe guest the mere ek cousin jis ka name sonia ha wo or main kafi frank hain raat ko party ke bad main ne usse rok lia raat main hum dono mere room main internet surf kar rahe the ke ek site par indiansexstoties ke advertise aa rahe the main usse kaha ke is site ko use karin to pahele to ue ne mana kar dia par mere kafi insist karne par wo raze ho gai laken uss ne kaha ke agar site par adult pics hoi to hum site close kar dean ge mujhe to pata tha ke is site per sirf stories hoti hain to hum ne site khole to site read more...
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neighbor aunty neighbor aunty
Hello, i am Shakeel living in karachi. I will like to share my sexy expirence with 27th year old women with you . She live in my neighbours she was very beautiful and sexy women.i used to call her "aunty" in the prsence of my family. She has a beautiful body with big boobs and hips. She was married and her husband was in london. She was the mother of two childerns.i understand very well as u know how much expirence i have, how can a young woman live with out cock?. Her name was Aneela. One day she came to my house,she have buttons in her shirt and her upper 2 button was opnen. She just take bath as her hairs r wet so I realiez that she forget to close her buttons. I was looking her through corner of eyes that I saw her uper part of creamy breast. They were like golden apples in the read more...
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sex pleasure in malaysiaii sex pleasure in malaysiaii
I am back again with new story of my sex pleasure in Malaysia. I am sure you must have read my earlier story of Malaysia encounter and am waiting for the comments. I am back with Linda. This was after two days of my enjoyment we then decided to explore more. We went for a movie and the show was in the evening. She had booked last raw and corner seats. We were seated and the film started it was love film with many nude scenes. The seats next to ours were vacant and we were fortunate that even the front was vacant. I started massaging back of her and the she leaned on me. We were very close and she slowly put her had on my bulge. I was not wearing my boxers and instantaneously my tool was hard. I removed my hand from her back and now placed on her breast she was wearing loose bra so read more...
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naila got pregnant naila got pregnant
Hi friends and fans of sex stories. This is true my story which happened 2 months ago. Let me start with my introduction. My name is Shakeel u all know me very well, I am 27 yr old. After a couple of days I received a mail from a lady from Karachi. She read my story on ISS. She introduced herself as Naila. We soon started exchanging emails. She narrated her story that she is married woman who lives with her husband and is married for the last 4 years. She is not satisfied with her husband as he is an impotent and also does not give her ample time. He is mostly on his office tours. Moreover she was constantly pressurized by her mother-in-law for bearing a child. But she was not in a state to convey to her that her son is not capable of impregnating her. And that she aborted once read more...
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