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to heaven and back to heaven and back
To Heaven and Back Gay and proud of it. As my friend said it an African man can give u all the pleasures in the bed and beyond. This is a story of my random internet hookup that turned into a very fruitful friendship with benefits. It was a boring Sunday and my city is not very famous for its night life, it is usually families out at public places, restaurants are usually crowded so I usually spend time at home on the net making new friends, chatting and catching up with old ones, a same old evening and I am on 1 of the popular gay social networking sites and usually checking the forums there and I get a ping from a guy, I read his profile and it states that he is from Africa a local from there but in my town for academic purpose, we make small talk on the net and I get to read more...
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used and explored  part ii used and explored part ii
Hello friends my name is Rajesh and I am from Hyderabad. To know my dimensions am 6 ft height and athletic body. I got a big curvy ass. Many of them saw me on the webcam and aroused of my ass, its size and curvy nature. This story that am sharing with you has been one of my fantasies for a long time. Am a Bi but never had sex with anyone. One of my peculiar characters for many days from now has been that sometimes I myself want to be explored by someone. Somebody who can dominate me and enjoy me even by making me feel like a woman. But once I cum, I do not like to be the same. I’ll be a man again. So, I should do it only when am horny. Otherwise I cannot do it. Let’s get into the details: I was chatting sex in the night as usual and found a guy named Kranthi. He said he was 29 years old and was a read more...
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turned the driver gay  part iii turned the driver gay part iii
After the shower we wiped ourselves clean and returned to the warmth of the room, as the next day was not an office day I did not have to get up and go to the office, I could enjoy the liberty of being awake late, I look at the watch and it is 3:15,I get into my blanket by throwing my towel away all bare naked, Sonu follows my lead and does the same, he asks me if I had any movies with me that we could see, I asked him specifically which kind of movies, he told me porn ones, without asking I take my laptop out and start a gay porn movie. This movie involves 3 people, all hunks with huge dicks and they begin to play with each other, suck in a round so each is sucking each other, I can see Sonu’s side of the blanket making a tent and I joke about it by asking him what it was, he tells me to see for read more...
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with uncle first time with uncle first time
Hai readers I am vinu from kannur. Its not a real story its one of my fantasy. I wish if it happened in my life. I am bisexual guy 5.5 feet tall and 58kg weight. I am living here with my grandmom. My parents were abroad and I have a sister who married and living with her husband. I was a normal guy till I was 15-16, after that ages I got an attraction towards ladies dresses. But its an attraction for take that and smell or something like that. I like to wear that and like to be a girls. I always used to wear my aunts dresses which I got from my home she uses to wear when she was in my home. She was not living here now. I like to wear her cotton panty, bra, blouse, pavada and her nighty also. When ever I am infront of my pc I like to chat in gay rooms also. But I never get a chance to be fucked. read more...
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the masculine stranger the masculine stranger
The Masculine Stranger - Indian Sex Stories
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sex in the train sex in the train
Sex in the Train I am gay and I am proud of it. Out to my friends, family and relatives no fear of the social structure so no issues here. Here is a true life incident that happened to me when I was travelling in the train from Ahmedabad, Gujarat to Ludhiana, Punjab. I travel for work often and my destination this time happens to be Punjab. Love going there as the men are so handsome and sexy, tall, bearded and turbaned, hugely endowed and amazing lovers and fuckers. They have the fuck power of a truck and can fuck u for an entire night without resting. I can speak from experience as I have had sardar men before in my life and once u have been with a sardar u always want to be with them over and over again. Well company pays for my travels and usually I travel read more...
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the unexpected relationship the unexpected relationship
By : Manboobxxx Hi all this is your chubby bottom again from Hyderabad. After all the fucking I had with so many guys, I thought of taking some time and relaxing myself from all this shit. But, a guy with some attractive womanly features escaping attention is tough! For more than a month I did not have sex and I also did not have the urge to have it as well. Days passed by with everything being normal. I was doing well at work, friends and having a good time. Then, few days ago my neighbor shifted to a nearby town, which left his room vacant for more than 10 days. Then a 50 years old man occupied the room and started socializing with everyone. He was a decent guy with a decent body and was very hygienic. Seriously read more...
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third encounter  part ii third encounter part ii
This is the continuation of my second encounter. Please go through my second encounter before reading this. I was posted to a place near Ghaziabad from my training center. I was told to go one particular room where 12 persons accommodation is available. Since the strength of the unit is more, I did not get any accommodation immediately. So, I used to float here and there, i.e. I used to sleep in a bed which is vacant. Some or the other, out of 12, will be on leave always. So it was not a problem. Near to our room, there was one small store room, where we used to keep our boxes. But since, the strength was more, the senior most has got the privilege to stay there alone. He has also accommodated a person with him, whose name is Kuttu. I don’t know his exact name, but other people used to call him so. read more...
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