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mera secret iv mera secret iv
Thodi dare baad voh kissing khatam karte hue bola, “ab tum seedhe baith kar apni gaand ko neeche ooper karo, ham aamne saamne baithe hain islye mera Lund tumhari gaand mein under baher jaate hue baithe baithe dekhna chahta hoon”. Main apne dono knees mod kar apne pairon par baith gaya aor uske shoulders par apna balance lete hue ooper neeche hone laga, main jaise ooper uthta tha uska Lund 2 se 3” tak baher niklta tha phir main jaise hi uspar baith jata tha, phir se poore ka poora Lund under ghusjata tha voh yeh seen dekh kar mast hogaya aor uske chehre ka rang masti se laal hogaya, idher mujhe bhi itna maza ane laga ke mera Lund masti se uske saamne ooper neeche hote samay jhoolne laga. Voh bola, “darling tum sahi kahete ho tumhara Lund mere saamne itna jhool raha hai ke main theek se apne Lund ko read more...
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my dating experience my dating experience
The most haunting question of my life is; should I get married to a man or woman? On the road or on computer screen, television, or wherever my eyes fall, they're searching for the men. But while masturbating, I dream of having woman most of time. If I come across a naked couple, I'll definitely stare at the male I was in love three times, but only with men. I joined plenty of dating sites, but only gay sites. I always dream of spending the rest of my life with an older man, aged more than thirty, the one who cares for me and loves me abundantly .I've been taking antidepressant for eight years because I have been tortured so long by the thought that my dad did not love me in childhood. I defy god's given dad by searching for myself a dream daddy who has all necessary qualities. I read more...
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my fantasy my fantasy
Hello friends I am sandy 23 yrs old guy .I am regular reader of Iss & I am going to narrate my fantasy which I am eager to full fill please friends if u like or not reply me on Now I am going towards my fantasy. I am a bottom. I was winter time & I was waiting at a bus stop it was raining heavily. Bus was late it was midnight time. I car stop nearby me asked me hey man do u want lift. I saw the man was about 30 yrs age was built up body & girl was sitting next to her she was about 25 yrs age with sexy figure. I said want to go next town they said we are going next to your town so have a seat enjoy the ride. It was raining heavily & bus was late I have no chance to lose this offer. The lady came to back seat I sat next to driver seat. After few miles read more...
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my gay experience my gay experience
One day, when I was 15 years old, I played hooky from school. I screwed around town until the movie opened and then went in. It was a while before I could sneak up to the balcony but finally I was seated in a seat way up in the back in the darkest corner. It took about an hour or so before the people really started arriving and within an hour and a half some guy sat down next to me. As soon as he was settled his knee touched mine and pressed against me. I must have felt daring that day cause normally I would have gotten up and changed seats. Now, I had thoughts of other guys, I had made it a point to check things out in the locker room at school but I had never made it with a guy. Soon the guys hand was squeezing my thigh read more...
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me and jojo  part ii me and jojo part ii
It was the night Jojo, my cousin, lay groping me in his bedroom that I came to know for the first time that two men can actually share a bed and do things which give them pleasure other than smoking a joint and talking crap about their girlfriends. And I am, by some divine will, one of that kind. Although he wasn't a character of much importance in my life after that day, but what Jojo had inducted me into stayed with me and it was much later that I realized that he didn't make me what I am, rather showed me what I am. I never had an official girlfriend. But while in school, there were rumors abound of me going around with different girls. It wasn't rare that an innocent new girl choosing to sit beside me would send ripples of giggles through the classroom and my cheeks, as if to catalyze read more...
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master turned into gay master turned into gay
Hi to all the gays in this site. I am back to continue my story. I had submitted a story about how my master seduced me and brought me to gay world. The story name is my first gay experience. Now I will tell you how he turned me to be bottom gay. My master is kind person sexy and hot. We just used to enjoy oral sex more. Then my master told me “sweet heart now its time for us to move to next level”. I told him “what level. You made me gay, daily I am sucking your cock and you are sucking mine. I am shagging for you and you are shagging for me.” What is next level after this? He said I want to fuck u and I will insert my cock in your hole. I said it will pain more and I will die if you just insert your cock. He hugged me and told me “I will not give you any pain; you read more...
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curiousity turned exciting in theater curiousity turned exciting in theater
Hi everybody..this is Arun from Banglore...27 years, fair tall and good looking...i am a very huge fan of ISS and hence thought of posting my first experience here itself...This happened when I had to take a compensatory leave from office on a weekday( only other option was to forgo the leave.,,which i was obviously not interested..:-))... Since all my friends were having office...the day started off boring...nothing nice on tv after lunch i thought of going for a innovative multiplex....something that changed my day.....I was always curious about bi and gay sex...but never tried or for that matter never thought I would be trying it one day... Since it was a many were in theater.....i went and sat in middle went off...nd movie read more...
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forced group fuck forced group fuck
Hi friends am Vithu,22yrs,white,slim,slight girlish look I am a fan of ISS and now I decided to share my experience with you. I am from Thiruvalla, Kerala.This occur when am 19.even though I have some little experience in gay sex I don’t experience fucking. I was staying in hostel and as the college was going to close within 1 week I decided to go back to my home on the way I decided to watch a movie so I entered the theater. To my surprise there was only 3 guys that too very old for the que for balcony. I sat next to them in que. Then 2 guys looking good came and sat behind me they both smile at me and we have a casual talk about the movie. They said their name as Ramesh and Tony and both were working. After entering the theatre I sat in the middle of the last row read more...
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