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Young and Tender Young and Tender
Gayluvmeadow@hotmail.comI was only 18 and had gone to visit my friend in Manipal, Karnataka for 3 days. Since, she stayed in the hostel, I booked a room in a nearby hotel. It was a long weekend and a the neighbor in my room was a 44-45 yr old man from Kerala who had come to see his two children also studying in Manipal. He was tall, hairy, muscular with a tight belly, had really thick lips. We spoke briefly,introduced himself as Juju and I went to me room. In the night when I returned home, he was strolling in the corridor. We spoke briefly, guess he could smell alcohol on my breath and asked me to join him to drink. Soon, I was dizzy, we smoked a couple of cigarettes when he folded his lungi and I kept swaying from side to side, he held me, soon i was on his shoulder and read more...
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Train Encounter Train Encounter ///////////// FEW CONVERSATIONS IN MALAYALAM /////////// Dear friends, I am overwhelmed by the response i got from u guys for the last story that i posted in. I will be more than happy to share my other experiences with u guys! This time let me share the experience i had in a train. I had a long thrilling vaccation in TVM which happens to be my home town and had to return to my work place in EKM. I planned to take the Kerala express from TVM. I reached there early and got a sleeper ticket and sat on a window side seat! was kinda bored and had my walkmann on!! Before train started from the station a young guy of 18 yrs came and sat opposite to me! there was this guy along with whom who came to see off. The guy who sat next to me was wearing read more...
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The CD Shoppers Challenge The CD Shoppers Challenge He was standing near to me in the empty cd shop. He was about 45 year old , handsome, and fat guy with jelly belly. We were standing at one empty corner. He looked at me and spread his eyes allover my body. I stared back and smiled at him. That was enough, he walked close to me. He grabbed me close to him and presented deep French kiss. I was shocked and stunned, It was hot and yummy. I opposed him for a while , but he stared back at me. He dragged my lips to his mouth , sucked and crunched them. He was giving me pleasure and my lips are becoming numb , it felt so good. My lips felt fumbled in his mouth, I feel heaven. I was not surprised with his attitude as he already showed some symbols of homo earlier days. I was one of his regular customers in his read more...
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Travel by Truck to Bangalore Travel by Truck to Bangalore
Gayrightroyalarun@yahoo.inHello. This happened a week ago. I am Arun, age 26, unmarried, working as a clerk in Chennai in a small scale industry. I was asked by the proprietor of the firm where I work, to deliver an urgent consignment of some of our products to a dealer of ours in Bangalore. As it could not be transported in any regular bus or train or other transport urgently, I decided that I would take it along with me in a truck going to Bangalore. I stood on the roadside on Chennai - Bangalore National Highway waiting for a lorry to come along. After I allowed a few trucks to pass as the drivers looked like they would stop on the roadside and drink country liquors, a decent looking truck came by and the driver and his assistant were wearing neatly pressed dresses and read more...
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True First Experience True First Experience
Gayanishmohan51@yahoo.comHello friends I am Anish. Now I am 22, a qualified professional. I don't want to mention what my job is, but believe me this happened in a hostel room. (All names changed) After entrance examination we got admission in the college. All the guys when they join the institution will be of age 18-19. Up to 12th standard we used to grow up in rigid discipline and after that one 1 year strenuous entrance coaching, hostel became a new zone of complete freedom, where we can move & act at our own free will, even at midnight. By the end of first year, we started some habits of smoking and drinking. On that day I along with my friends Athul, Rohit, and Vipin went to bar and drunk. It's true, we didn't drink much, only 2 pegs and a beer by each of the guys and we read more...
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What happened Next with Gopi What happened Next with Gopi Read my earlier story "My Friend Gopi" in Gay's Section. Hi, this is Deepak again. Di for you. Thank you guys for liking my story and writing back to me. Now I am encouraged to write what happened next with Gopi. As you may recollect, Gopi was my assistant while I was his boss working in Ahmedabad and staying in an apartment in Navrangpura. After I managed to seduce Gopi, we both went off to work for the day. While he was very strong and dominating in bed, at work he never let that come in the way and listened to whatever instructions I gave him as the boss. Except, once in a while he will give me a wink and say, "Tonight.", in an ominous sort of way, making my dick harden and throb. That day we had to work till late at night. We read more...
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Value for Money Masssage Value for Money Masssage This is Vipin here. Thanks for all the emails that you all have sent to me. I was surprised to see so many responses. I was been busy for some time and hence couldn't write more stories. But suddenly I felt strong memories today early morning sleep about my day with Vinayan. Vinayan is a qualified masseur working in one of the ayurvedic massage centers in Tvm. Going for massage is one of my to-do activities when ever I go to tvm on vacation. I give my neck pain as my excuse for doing that and since I work in IT most people know that we are bound to have such pains. It's a bit expensive, but considering the ambiance, sexy guys and the feelings I get, I will make it most of the times. It was one of such time. Before this, few years ago when I read more...
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Unlimited Bliss Unlimited Bliss
Gaymailmepapp@rediffmail.comI live with my parents in Bhubaneswar town of Orissa State.We are in a rented house.Two rooms,a small kitchen and one toilet at the corner.Out of the rooms,one occupied by parents and the other one for me.My room is furnished with two beds,one for me and other if a guest comes in. We are middle class family.My father works in a office in clerical job.Mother is house wife who manages the house.Myself at the end of my studies after the exams.Overall we are a happy family.Very rarely guests visit us. Whenever someone comes in it is hardly for a day or two. As regards my self I am Pintoo, the only child to my parents.I am not fair but good looking.Height 5 feet 4 inches but little bit bulky and not muscular.Only peculiar feature in my body is the breast size,big and read more...
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