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Sexploration of Amir Sexploration of Amir
Gaymaleversion@yahoo.comIt was with a shock that Amir took the news about moving for good to india, that too to kerala. But things were way out of Amir's hand that he had little choice. Settling down in kerala was difficult and was missing all those hot guys in Singapore. Everything went in a snail phase in kerala, left alone the Sun. Till their own home was constructed Amir's vapa planned to live in his ancestarial home along with their grandparents. Thats when Amir noticed the servant guy Rashid who helps in house hold for her grand parents. Aged 26, Rashid is a typical male specimen. Dark skinned with hairy and very muscular zero fat body due to the labourous work which he do in the farm. He watch Rashid with dripping tongue while he chop wood for the kitchen. That day evening dad asked Amir read more...
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Sexploration of Amir 2 Sexploration of Amir 2
Gaymaleversion@yahoo.comAmir was shocked to see Rashid outside the window. Time is almost 11pm.. What to do. He was really feeling horny. He went near the window. Endu patti? eyyy onnum ella.. ninne onnu koode kaanan tonni kutta. Oh good this man loves me. Iam soo lucky. Amir was excited. Ende kunna urangunilla. please avane onnu umma vekku. Rashid had a very horny look. He folded up his lungi and Amir could see that snake hanging low. He asked Rashid to come close to the window. Rashid walked close and Amir pulled his kunna through the window inside. Wow what a beauty. Amir was soo happy. He kissed that huge kunna many times. But Rashid couldnt control it. His kunna became soo hard that it started shivering. Amir needed no instruction. He opened his red lips and swallowed that read more...
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Sexy Abhilash Sexy Abhilash Abhi here again... the passion and crazy feelings for well build and/ or hairy guys with big cocks continues...i havent got an experience after sreejith... he gave me twice after that .. and i enjoyed his cock... here let me say another recent experience of mine..i have recently joined a driving school.. my parents have a car but my driving skills are almost zero.. so i have decided to do it and get a licence.. the driving instructor is an old man called asan.. and he was a hard but efficient instructor.. every morning the calss started at 6 and went up to 7.30... that session me and one more guy called sarath used to go with asan.. sarath is a good lookin guy.. not hairy and all that but tall fair and gym build type..(later he told me that he read more...
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Sexy Bus Ride Sexy Bus Ride
Gayronakjohn99@gmail.comSex with hot fatty gay Hi..i am ronak form kerala. I am just 19. I am going to say you a real incident happened when i was 18.i was a chubby boy at that age!! My uncle is staying in bangalore and after my studies i went there. But i have to return a little earlier to have my admissions and all. So i came back by volvo bus. I got the window seat and sat there. After a few minutes an old man came near and sit next to me. But his seat was the next one and moved to it.........then the bus just started and we saw a man running for that and finlay got into it. His seat was just next to me. He rushed into the bus and sat near to me. He was a guy of some what 32-34 yrs old. Very handsome fatty with hairy body.......he was sweating. I watched him closely and read more...
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Shameer the Titan Shameer the Titan
Gaymamwrest@gmail.comHello friends. I would like to narrate some enjoyable experiences I had with you all. This incident I am narrating occured some time back at Calicut in Kerala. I was of 24 years at that time and had gone to Calicut to attend a private work. I was staying in a hotel and was back at my room around 21.00 hrs and had called for hot water. The room boy, I would say, room man, as he must have been around 35 yrs., came in to deliver the water. Just when I turned from the window, I was standing, I got a sprain in my thighs. I almost yelled in pain as the sprain was a little hard. The room man, later told his name as Shameer, immediately rushed to me and told me that he can help me in relief. He held my thighs with his right hand and started rubbing my thighs. I read more...
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Sex with my handsome and strong Uncle Sex with my handsome and strong Uncle I am here again with my new story. Last two stories were from with the same age group. But this time with a matured man of age 42 years. He is my own uncle. My mom's elder brother. He is basically a business man goes around stations frequently. Six months after my sex life with my mate Raj (in my previous stories Love Boys 1 and 2 ) we went to leave. In leave I used to sleep till 12pm as I used to see sex movies in star movies till early morning hours. That time my uncle came to my house and he used to sleep with me near the TV. He used to stay 1 or 2 days only. The next day he asked me to come with me as I was in my holidays and my mom told go with uncles for some days. I said ok and packed my bag and went with him. He lives in Bangalore with his read more...
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Sex with my Brother In law Sex with my Brother In law
Gayleerlook@gmail.comFriends.. I am Tharun, 29 year old male, am working in a private company as a staff supervisor. I was very much impressed with Kerala erotica. Till this time my experiences were limited within me and now I got a chance to share it with all. My first sexual experience was with a male. That was when I was doing my pre-degree. I was staying in my sister's home; because of the vacation coaching classes in DOA. It was far from my home. My brother-in-law Angith (Charu) was a very friendly person. He was working as a graphics designer. During the seventies I was about 170 cm, with 62 kg, and little fatty type body. I was having the habit of writing diary. I wrote this incident on to my dairy after 3 years it occurred. Those three days read more...
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Sex with Abhi Sex with Abhi
Gayduded73@ymail.comHi Friends I am regular reader of Kerala erotica and I would like to share one of my sex experiences with a man. I am living in Karnataka with my friends. This incident was happened just 20days back. We are four members in our room. On 10th of March we have holiday here and two of my room mates went to native. I have gone to native in the first week so I did not go. Another room mate was here because of some urgent works. Also his friend was here from native. His name is Abhilash. Abhilash came to our room on Saturday morning (I had encounter with him).He is white in colour with a medium fat body. My room mate introduced me with him and gone to office. Initially I did not talk with him much but after 1 - 2 hours; we became friends. After noon we went out to nearby read more...
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