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my good friend  seduced my wife my good friend seduced my wife
I am working in multinational company and married 6 yrs back. wife is science graduate and working in a pvt finance company as field officer. We used to live in our own house located in poss area where nobody interfer in other's matter. Even no body talks to other other than any party or society meeting. So we , me &my wife get bored after some days of our stay in that locality. One day one of my college friend also joined our company in same grade as mine. He soon became our family friend and used to visit our home regularly. He was having problem of staying as nearby locality is costly for rent Also arranging everything including food was not easy. One day he was dicussing this problem win presence of my wife, who suggested me that why cant we keep him as paying guest which will solve our read more...
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my 3 sluts my 3 sluts
My name is anand; i am 34 years old, and endowed with what my 2 neighbours, subhadra and durga, call a “monster”. I run a personal investment office for my nri cousins and close friends from my house, and thanks to e-banking and de-materialisation of shares, i work with the main door closed – there are no visitors. Subhadra was an ex-colleague, aged 27 years on whom i had been having an eye for long. She came to my old flat about 2 years back – we got talking, she was so frustrated with her personal life, that within 30 minutes of her entering my flat, she was lying naked on my desk, with her ankles on my shoulders, while i stood on the floor and pounded her not very much used love hole! She had a lovely face and an even lovelier body, with the right bulges at the right places (34c-28-36), read more...
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my sex companions my sex companions
My sexual adventure with fida left me with utmost satisfaction. I think she too enjoyed to the maximum. We discarded all our clothes and our reservations also. She was moving around stark naked and was i. I was busy wiping my tool of all the fluids with a towel when sara barged in. She knocked and i wrapping the towel around me opened the door and she was there flabbergasted. She entered the room complaining that she heard some sounds from the ceiling and she wanted to verify What is happening. Before i could mumble some reply fida came out of the bathroom again naked. Sara looked at her in amazement. Aren't you ashamed to move around naked she asked. But fida replied her only with a broader smile. She came closer to sara and slowly removed her nightie to reveal her in her read more...
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natasha ki jawani  part i natasha ki jawani part i
Hi World, I have been living in heaven since I got married to Natasha 3 months ago. We are both 32. We were both married before, she became a widow a year ago and I got divorced 3 months ago. Trough both marriages we don’t have any kids. We have had several sex partners since our marriage. Natasha is the one who introduced me to this site and we would like to share our experience with all the readers. The only thing that I’m making up is the names, everything else is true. Let me explain from the beginning. Both our families were friends and were from neighboring villages. Natasha’s family moved to Delhi when she started college. Natasha’s mother passed away when she was only a few months old and her dad married her masi and had two more kids. Aryan, is one and a half year younger than read more...
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raj turns to rashmi raj turns to rashmi
Hi i'm raj,20 years old and i love crossdressing.i love wearing baggy salwars,tight churidars and sarees.i like fucking girls but i was also fascinated at the thought of being fucked in my this story i fucked a lady and was also as i was returning from college it started raining.i stopped my bike near a house and went and stood in the verandah.i was totally wet and shivering a little.after some time a lady came outside.her name was shalini.she was wearing a yellow saree and a black blouse.she called me inside and made me sit.she then went inside and brought a towel and gave it to me and i started wiping my hands and face.she noticed my wet clothes and said that your clothes are wet.she saw that i was wet and said i should change or i'll catch cold.she said that she was a widow and staying alone read more...
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mera rajesh mera rajesh
Hi Readers, This is Kaveeta Gupta here; I back here with my new exciting experience to share with you. You will recall my earlier postings Fuck in Ass and Diwali fun. I am back here after a long gap as in between I did not find anything exciting to share with it was all routine fucks / swapping with my husband or his friends or with my female friends. But I was regularly enjoyed reading your postings. Just for your ready reference I will reintroduce myself. I am Kaveeta Gupta, married with one son 5 years old. I am 38 originally from Delhi settled in Nagpur after my marriage with my husband (Amit) who is a businessman. My vital stats are 38 32 38. I am a party lover but restricted to my close circle. I drink and smoke too. My husband has expanded his business and had invited his younger brother read more...
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mangal in jungle  part ii mangal in jungle part ii
Hi friends. I'm 22 male from Hyderabad. In one night I’m not getting sleep and feeling some stomach problem. So I took by little bro bicycle n went for a ride. I started towards to OU campus(Osmania University) its 3-4 kilometers from my home. I use go there when I my mood off because it’s very silent n nice place it’s around 11 pm. And almost every shop closed no traffic on roads. I reach to OU campus there is lots of trees like jungle. I stop there for toilet n start doing my job. There some sounds are coming from in the tress 1st I though dogs are there, sounds are like that only. Then i sit on bicycle n moved little from there I seen a car, lights off no 1 is there. I went closed to the car the sounds is little high from there then I realized that is moan's of girls not dogs. There is pitch read more...
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hot group sex on sexy picnic hot group sex on sexy picnic
My friend, paul, studied with me in the primary and secondary schools and thereafter his father got transferred and we lost contact with each other. He had a puny sister, liza, who never used to open her mouth and with dishevelled hair used to run around. I m 29 yrs old delhi boy if u like my story then plz reply back on Paul was handsome, tall and sportsman. When we met accidentally in the road, we talked of the old times and i called him to come and to bring liza also with him. They came on a evening of a working day. Sara, my sister and i welcomed them. Sara had a faint memory of liza as a playmate. They used to be playing in the open ground and get dirtied and their mother used to scold them. Paul looked at sara in great appreciation. We sat and talked read more...
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