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sonia romi and world sonia romi and world
for god sake Vivek can’t you continue for some more time?” were the words of beautiful Sonia..she was top of her orgasm tic voice turning into disappointing sigh. it was one of the d-day of the month when both were finally having much missed sex. “I've been waiting since 15 days to get a good fuck & you discharged in 15 mins.. That's not done sweetie.. come on” saying this Sonia embraced vivek again ..she reached her belly down & took the limping tool in mouth & wiped clean the cum which just filled her wet pussy. soon vivek was ready for another session which lasted good 30 minutes with Sonia doing all the ups & down to quench her sudden surge of thrust..the thrust of sex. this was the best ever love session they had in last 11 years just after sonia returned from Bangkok with her friend romi after read more...
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sexual fantasy series sexual fantasy series
Guy's this s a sexual fantasy series I am writing for your pleasure. Leave me messages about what you like and I’ll try to incorporate them. Rohit was a gifted boy. Gifted in that he had parents who wanted their son to enjoy sex and life to the full. His father Salman was a successful business man who had many mistresses. His 1st wife was Reshma who was married to him at the age of 14 and gave him his son 5 months later. Rohit's father lived in France, he left his son with his wife in a large estate outside Jaipur. He came to visit every 4 months for 2 weeks. In his absence he made sure Reshma and Rohit were provided for in every way. Reshma was prohibited from sex with other men, but since she enjoyed women with passion, these were provided for her pleasure. From his earliest read more...
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strangers slave strangers slave
Hi friends this is the my first story in a porn site .I am narrating my true life story for the demand of my boyfriend Mr. Rajesh ji and I call him my master .I think u all will b enjoy by reading my this story. I am moupriya 28years old I am fair complexion a Bengali housewife .but very modern broad minded and very friendly. With long hair 5.6’’feet tall. My figure is 38 36 40 my hubby and all people tale me I look very hot and sexy. My hubby is 32 years old 5.8’’feet tall and whitish complexion and he look very chocolaty type. We stay at Bangalore near it sector. We like to chat with aged people. In addition, I like tall dark complexion angry dominating wild men. We r very friendly frank and open-minded type. We married last 4years ago, and in our honeymoon, we read more...
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the dinner  part i the dinner part i
This is my first and not a real story. Any housewife of Patna may contact me at for friendship first. We are newly transferred to Patna , and a good flat in a apartment was given by my office. Lots of letters and pamphlets were in the mail box. Sapana is looking at it , most of them are useless ads. Sapana is turning it and throwing it in the dustbin.Out of sudden one envelope with some diwali greeting with heading ‘Enjoy’ came into her hand. She tried to understand it, but could not. She kept the letter separately. It’s a party invitation from some unknow Co. I don’t know. . .what do you think?" "Sounds kind of scary . . .but also sort of intriguing, you know? I guess we could always leave if it's bogus," Sapana said thoughtfully. "What do we have to lose?" Rakesh read more...
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wives party wives party
HI I M OCEAN AGAIN THIS IS THE STORY OF A NEWLY MARRIED WOMAN WHOSE HUSBAND WORKS FAR FROM HER .IF YOU LIKE THE STORY PLEASE REPLY ME ON OCEAN_BOY143@REDIFFMAIL .COM Since my husband is working in army we used to go for parties frequently. There I get lots of chance to know others. And, I was really impressed by two of his friends. They are Arvind Gupta and Mahesh Khanna. Both of them are North Indians and they have a tall, good physique. So many times I imagined that I am having sex with them. I was longing to make my dream into reality. Whenever there was a get together I used to go and speak to them voluntarily. I never missed a single chance. These two guys will also be there anticipating my arrival. Slowly, I came to know that I am in their mind. And they are also willing to have sex read more...
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wife and bhabi wife and bhabi
Hum log gaon ke rahne wale hain. Hamara gaon sehar se 44 km. Door hai. Paas ke hi ek gaon mein bhaiya ki shadi ho gayi. Dolly bhabhi bahut hi achchhi thi aur khoobsurat bhi. Bhaiya ki umar 20 saal ki thi. Wo umar mein bhaiya se 4 saal chhoti thi. Main dolly bhabhi se umar mein 1 saal bada tha. Dolly bhabhi ki umar 16 saal ki thi. Gaon mein ye umar shadi ke liye kafi mani jati hai. Shadi ke baad bhaiya ki naukri up ke ek company mein lag gayi. Wo patna mein hi rahne lage. Wo khud hi ghar ka saara kaam karte the aur khana bhi banate the. Jab unhein khana banane mein aur ghar ka kaam karne mein dikkat hone lagi to unhone dolly bhabhi ko bhi patna bula liya. Mummy to thi nahin kewal papa hi the. Kuchh dino ke baad papa ka bhi swargwas ho gaya to bhaiya ne mujhe apne paas hi rahne ke liye bula liya. Main unke paas read more...
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the trio the trio
I’m a handsome Hindu Bengali young man, named Anirban Mukherjee, aged 27, working in a multi-national Company at Kolkata. I’m tall, dark and healthy and with high libido. I love married Sudeshna Bose who’s my younger by 4 years. She’s a ravishing beauty, very fair in complexion, horny and with a voluptuous body 34D 29 35 that makes any male’s mouth water. She’s also a Bengali girl who’s still a student of MBA (Marketing). I married Sudeshna last year just after her graduation or after courting her for two years. After marriage we shifted to our new flat at Salt Lake locality. Contextually speaking, Sudeshna has a senior cousin, Sutanu Ray by name, who happens to be a closer ‘senior friend ‘ of mine, and it was, in fact, he who’d introduced me to his sister-cousin two read more...
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reckless house wives reckless house wives
The next morning they all met at the Breakfast bar. Without exception they were all half asleep. No one was in a talking mood. As usual Vani broke the ice. “Hey who got laid last night?” She was quite open and brash about it. “Please don’t start it so early in the morning” complained Kamala. No one else said a word; there were a few guilt grins though. “Come on. Be adults and we are among friends. Please tell us. Who? Put your hands up” she was insistent. They were all looking each other and hesitantly three hands went up. Oh my God I wouldn’t have dreamt it even in my wildest imagination” was her exclamation as she saw Tika, Raji and Kamala, sheepishly looking at others faces, hesitantly put their hands up just for a second before quickly put them down. Everyone was surprised as well as happy read more...
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