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my niece sucks my cock my niece sucks my cock
Having made my niece, Reena squirt her pussy juice in my mouth and on my face made me feel like a million dollars. I also knew that this would be the start of a long and lust filled affair. As I started in my last account this was her first day working for me and to have her be so open with me from the get go was surly a good sign. After having cleaned myself up I realized the time was 3pm and Reena had to collect her kids from school. My still untouched cock was huge and hungry for Reena soft luscious lips. Giving me a long deep passionate kiss full of tongues she promised to take care of me the following day. That night all I could think about was all the action that had taken place that day, Reena playing with her pussy, watching porn and then screaming whilst spanking on my face. I felt like a read more...
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my widow mommy latha my widow mommy latha
Hi ISS readers, I am going to share one of my experiences with my mom. Her name is Latha. She is 38 years old widow. She has got a 38 size breast and huge ass. Her ass is so plump she is a little above average figure like Shakeela she looks after me from my childhood days. She works in her house with sewing machine and saw dresses for women. The incident happened when I started my college and when I was 19. From my 9th standard itself my dream girl was my mom because she was only available for me so close. We both are like best friends I always discussed every think frankly with my mom as I don’t have a father or any other friends. We both sleeps in the same room. My mother changed her dress after taking bath in front of me as I was child and I was her son she didn’t say anything but I looked her read more...
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me and my amazing aunt me and my amazing aunt
To all ISS readers I’m Ryan from Delhi and this story which I’m posting here is about me and aunt Monika. I still clearly remember all those moments like they are still fresh in my mind like it just happened yesterday. I was in my 12th grade when I had an encounter with my sexy hot aunt. She is 28 now but still loooks like a sexy college gal. Her vital stats were 36-30-38 and man her ass was like heaven to watch. We have a joint family; mine and my aunt’s bedroom are on the 1st floor. It was Feb. I used to study late nights and one night I heard wierd sounds coming from my aunt’s room. My uncle was fucking. She was screaming ahhh uhhh and saying thoda teez chodo” but my uncle was not so good at it which one came to know later. They used to fuck every 3 days read more...
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incest a magic of technology incest a magic of technology
Hello everybody here! Of course this is the 1st one by me, ya but it’s a real one! Incest story reading produces interests and hornyness in oneself, but real and practical ones show off! This is a cute and sexy story and I hope my debut amazes everyone!! Mast. Kaushik is the name of son of my parents (Not my brother, ya it’s me). This story deals with the teases every teen has to face while dealing with their opposite sexes. I had passed his 10th and had gone to vacations to maternal grandparents in Mumbai. Also my cousin sister had arrived there for her vacations. We are of same age and academically equal. After 10th was a 3 months vacation. Anamika was her name. We had been meeting since 10-11yrs at same time for our vacations. We were 2 open to each other and weren’t matured up to 9th read more...
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i fucked my mommys ass for the first time i fucked my mommys ass for the first time
Hi guys, gals n my pickles….. Akku is back with 2nd part of “I saw mommy getting fucked” This is not s story but my real life happening. U will find my previous story in couple’s category. Don’t forget to write your feedback to me via emails. I’ll be waiting for you. So let’s start the story. After that day I saw them a lot of time fucking each other in different positions. The water goes over the head when I saw them fucking when my mom is at terrace, bend forward to take support of terrace wall to enjoy the view of playground just situated in front of our house. I was playing there with other children. JD comes from behind; lift mommy’s sari n entered from back in doggy position. What the fuck were they doing in front of read more...
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in heaven with cousin sister in heaven with cousin sister
Hello this is Amar from Indore...I m 22 years of age 6ft tall and have a good average body as well. I m having fair color. I belong to a very middle class family. I’m doing engineering right now. This story is my first as I’m very simple in nature as I don’t have courage till now. I don’t drink, smoke and don’t have any such bad habits as well. Im quite reserved in nature as well. Hope u guys will enjoy it and tell me if u like it or not at """" Well this was the real story of 2 years ago. I was studying in College that time. Many of my friends have girlfriends but don’t know y  I don’t have the courage to propose a girl or I was least interested in that due to focused on career. Even I don’t knew all these things about sex but when i get admitted in college during read more...
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our sweet sister our sweet sister
Hi all ISS readers. I have read a few stories here in ISS, and so I decided to share mine too. This story involves 3 characters: My cousin named Vinay: 35 yrs old My sister named Bharti: (20-3 years old) Myself named Akshay: 20 years old Let me tell u about my family. There are 4 members in my family. Father, mother, I& my sister. Our parents are both working. My sister is very fair, average height. She had a perfect teenage figure. Our room had an attached bathroom, and the bathroom had a backdoor also. Whenever my sister would go for a shower, I would go behind, climb the water pipe, cling to sit and watch her shower. She knew that I watched her, but I did not have the courage to feel or tell her. So, one day when I was doing my usual stuff in read more...
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pleasure with cousin sister pleasure with cousin sister
Hi my name is Akshay 23 years old 6.1 height fair looking working in Bangalore, this incident happened with a cousin sister of mine and I keep reading ISS stories in regular and thought I would share my real experience on this site. On Monday noon my mom called me and informed that my cousin Priyanka is coming to Bangalore this Wednesday to attend a interview from Pune and asked me to pick her up from the railway station and make arrangements for her stay and accompany her till she return back to Pune because she is coming all alone And I was like really irritated to do such kind of services and I hardly seen this girl in school days but I couldn’t say no to mom and agreed to take care of her. Hence, I am a bachelor and I share my house with two of my office mates it is very clear that she read more...
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