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Indian Lesbian Stories Sex Stories

Sweet Anjum Sweet Anjum
Lesbianunni_110@rediffmail.comHi ke lovers and admirers , This is nandani again your love here to share one of my intimate sexperience which has led to a new lifestyle together with me and my cousin sis , the incident happened a day prior to the marriage of my uncle and there was a huge crowd as this was a love marriage and my uncle is kannadiga but his beloved and rite ,it was a very grand function .many of my relatives came and we had to cater for their stay that night as it was done at home only , we have two adjacent houses in 3 stories buildings as ours is a joint family ,so many relatives were taken as guest in whole building. Me and my cousin Anjum stayed in my uncles house as she was very close to me and nearly my age only , she also came here for the occasion and she read more...
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Teaching how to make good Sex Teaching how to make good Sex
Hi all, I am Gayathri. I am narrating one of my experiences which I had faced when I am working in Hospital as a gynecologist. This is a true story which I am narrating from my life. I am 35 years old. I am not practicing for last 5 yrs. I am a mother of 2 kids. My Husband is also a doctor in Ernakulam. One morning, As I am one the way to the hospital. I received a phone call from my one of my relative. They had just married. I had gone for her marriage. She knows me very well and me too. She is of an age of 23 and her husband of 27. Her name is Rekha and her husband name is Rajeev. He is a computer engineer. He was very workaholic and bright in studies. He was a rank holder in Pre degree. Rekha is now a house wife. One the phone call I received, she told me that she wants to meet me personally. As a read more...
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Trying Sex toys Trying Sex toys
Hi Friends.......... I know it is a looooong time since I made my voice heard here and yes taking your complaints and compliments in consideration I am telling you my most recent experience. For those who don't know me.................. I am 21 years old married to a workaholic and lead quite an exciting life in that I am involved in a well to do business. I export antique and craft items. Regarding this I travel alot. at least every month I have to go some place or other and am a nymphomaniac (that is understating the situation!!!!) I have a decent figure I am 36 24 38 and weigh 50 kg and am 5 ft 4in tall with a fair complexion and long curly hair. I ALWAYS have my pussy shaved and like to have all types of sex lesbian hetero group evry thing I have tried too. Now this story is very read more...
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Usha and Her Chechi Usha and Her Chechi
Lesbianchettan4568@yahoo.comI was 25 when I got married. Usha, my wife was just 19. To put this in other words, we were very high on passion, but short on experience. All my knowledge about sex was based on some readings of porn books and a book called 'the Marriage Manual'. Usha's aunts told her that not to get scared if her new husband does funny things like putting his urinating thing into hers. They told her that is how kids are made. Well, whatever. I found Usha naturally responding to my kisses and foreplay, she was properly wet and enjoyed sex. The urinating part was quietly forgottenand we got down to business. Well, we had sex every day. I used to start fucking her by masturbating her. At some point,she used to grab my prick and put it into her young pussy. By now, read more...
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Wonderful Lesbian Experience Wonderful Lesbian Experience
I am Pushpa, 23, married now, completed my B.Sc. Nursing. I am from a small village near Hyderabad. My parents were not willing to send me to Hyderabad to study, but agreed after another girl also from our village, Kusuma, also got a seat in the same college as I did. My parents and her mother and her brother camped in Hyderabad for a few days. They settled us in a two room portion in Hyderabad, near walking distance to our college before they went away to our village . Kusuma's brother saw me at close range during those days when we were in Hyderabad and liked me and told his mother that he wanted to marry me. Kusuma told me this and asked me if I am willing to marry her elder brother. I felt shy to tell her that. I was willing to marry her brother. I expressed my willingness for the marriage. My read more...
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Pain to Pleasure Pain to Pleasure
Lesbianamsamnz@gmail.comHi.. I am 26 years of age and my name is sam. I am indian and live in australia. I am a quiet and shy girl and have always lived a life to myself; however I have always been interested in sex but no one knew this. During one of my investigations, I found this website and have been a fan of it for a few weeks now. I thought I would be brave enough and send this contribution of this incident that happened to me last Sunday. I had gone to the beach with friends. As we were walking on the sand, suddenly something poked my heel and it hurt bad. A rusted nail had poked my foot and blood was oozing out. I got scared and knew immediately that I had to see a doctor urgently to take a tetanis injection. It was a Sunday and no Dr's clinic was open. Suddenly I read more...
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Neha and Me Neha and Me
Lesbiansahoonikita1@gmail.comHello, This is Nikita from Belglaum. I hope you must have enjoyed my first story. My email address is changed now. It is My fans are requested to divert their earlier mails to my new address. One day, I read a sentence and that inspired me to write yet another story. The sentence is ` Lust is like a fire! Even if it is extinguished, no sooner there is a spark, it flares up..' Vikas had satisfied my lust but soon I found that my body is asking for more and more. I thought over this for a long time and then I got an exceptionally brilliant idea. I telephoned Vikas. He came on line immediately. `Vikas? Nikita here' I said. `What are you doing right now?' `Why, Nikita?' Vikas replied. `Have you turned on early in read more...
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Seductress 03 Seductress 03 Hi, this is Kelly (Kay) again. As I said in my last experience S-2, Karla was an experience for she was gorgeous , 3 years older than me, - 38DD-26-36, short hair, green eyes, luscious lips, and when she came over my parents were at home. They invited her to stay the night, as I had my own bedroom, and she called up her people and said she would be staying at my place. After dinner my parents went to their room, and we went to my room. I asked her "How do you sleep, require a night-dress" and she said "Yes, but only for show". I gave her one of mine, and then slowly took off my clothes, one at a time, starting with my blouse, skirt and remained only in my bra/panty. She looked at me and said "Kay you are beautiful, I still do not understand what you read more...
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